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Elite Oil Boiler Services – Servicing and Repairs in Galway

At Elite Oil Boiler Services, our fully certified engineers carry out expert oil boiler servicing and repairs throughout County Galway. Don’t let an unexpected fault in your boiler leave you cold and out of pocket this winter. Annual servicing massively reduces the risks of faults developing and incurring expensive repair costs, all while your house and water remain cold. An annual boiler service is also often a requirement of your home insurance.

Boilers undergo a good deal of wear and tear, especially in our climate where they lay mostly idle for large parts of the year followed by intense load during the winter months. Small faults are an inevitability under these circumstances and left unchecked, can quickly develop into major issues with the potential for an boiler breakdown and costly repairs. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by getting an expertly carried out and certified oil boiler service.

Oil Boiler Servicing and Repairs Galway

We are a family run business that has been serving the people of Galway for more than 25 years. All of our boiler services include thorough cleaning, replacement nozzles, flue gas analysis as well as rebalancing your fuel air mixture. This can all greatly increase the fuel efficiency of your boiler, saving you money as well as your carbon footprint. Elite Oil Boiler Services are a Certified Blue Flame OFTEC Technician for Oil Firing Boilers.

Oil Boiler Repairs Galway - grant vortex 50-90 oil boiler

Regular Boiler Maintenance is Important

A failure to regularly service your oil boiler can result in poorer fuel combustion, driving up the running costs. Without regular cleaning, calibration and replacement of perishable parts, then fault requiring expensive repairs will be inevitable. Servicing not only increases your boiler efficiency and reduced your long term maintenance costs, but it also significantly increases the lifespan of your boiler, helping you to avoid a costly boiler replacement.

Oil Boiler Repairs Galway

Has your boiler taken a turn for the worst and has stopped firing? If your boiler is in need of repairs to get it working again we provide emergency call out services to get your heating back up and running again. Whatever the issue is with your oil boiler, we will get out to you promptly repairing or replacing components on the first call out the vast majority of times. Not only do our Blue Flame OFTEC certified engineers work on all types of oil boilers, including Firebird and Grant boilers, but we will do so at a price and level of service you will find difficult to match.

Elite Oil Boiler Services Galway

Raheen, Athenry, Co. Galway

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Elite Boiler Services are based in Athenry and operate throughout County Galway. We also operate as Elite Chimney Cleaning, providing expert chimney cleaning services throughout the county.

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  • Carried out a quick and painless boiler service for us – arrived on time as well which was a nice surprise.

  • Excellent service – quick and thorough and gave us our emissions printout as well for our records. would recommend

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