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Gortoran, Clonmany, County Donegal

Eircode: F93 TP49

Donegal Tech Repairs – PC, Console & Phone Repairs

Donegal Tech Repairs are your trusted mobile phone and tech repair provider in Donegal and beyond. We specialise in consumer electronic repairs, especially mobile phones, laptops and games consoles. All makes of phones, both Android and iOS, as well as games consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) and PCs and Laptops can be repaired.

We are expert micro solderers, repairing motherboards and replacing faulty chips and components. HDMI ports on consoles are a common repair request, along with charging ports on phones and anything and everything on laptop motherboards. Mobile phone screens can be repaired or if needs be replaced, as well as Nintendo Switch screens.

Donegal Tech Repairs is based in Clonmany in North East Donegal and is owned and operated by Martin McLaughlin. Martin has more than 14 years experience in the tech repair business, so if we can’t fix your item, then it can’t be fixed.

We Operate A No Fix, No Fee Policy *

(* If your item requires extensive diagnostics to identify the issue, then a fee may be applied. However in the rare instances that this level of troubleshooting is required it will be explained to you beforehand. We will never surprise you with a hidden fee)

Mobile Phone Repairs

Repairing mobile phones is our most common service. You’d be lost without your phone and there is nothing more frustrating than having your mobile unavailable to you. From shattered screens, unresponsive buttons, faulty charging sockets to diagnosing and repairing power issues (dead phones), we’ll have you covered. We work on all makes and operating systems for phones. Get in touch with us below and we’ll see about getting your phone back up and running.

Our Mobile Phone Repair Services:

  • iPhone and Samsung repairs
  • Screen repairs
  • Phone charge port repair
  • Diagnose power issues
  • Phone motherboard repair
  • Wifi chip repair
  • Bluetooth chip repair
  • Software updates – iOS and Android
  • Postal and return service available
Mobile Phone Repairs, Screen Repairs and Replacements - Donegal Tech Repairs

Games Console Repairs

There’s no need to panic when your gaming console decides to take a break – we’re here to get you back in the game. The most common issue is HDMI port repairs, but we can repair most all games console issues, including controllers, power issues, screens (Nintendo Switch) and more. From the various generations of PlayStations and Xboxes to Nintendo Switch, we have the know-how and micro soldering skills to tackle a wide array of gaming console repairs and glitches.

Our Games Console Repair Services:

  • All makes of games consoles
  • PS5, PS4 and PS3
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • HDMI port repair
  • Screen repairs (Switch)
  • Controller repair
  • Faulty touch pads
  • Charging port/ power issues
  • Network/ connectivity issues
  • Postal and return service available
Games Console Repairs Donegal, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch - Donegal Tech Repairs

PC, Mac and Laptop Repairs

Is your computer broken and in need of repair, getting weird error messages, bloated with adware (or worse, viruses), or just running extremely slow? Let Donegal Tech Repairs get you fixed up, streamlined and/or upgraded and get you back up to speed in no time. We are well versed in diagnosing and repairing issues with Windows Desktop PCs, Apple Macs or Laptops. We can carry out all necessary repairs, remove clutter slowing your machine down and carry out all the updates and upgrades your system needs.

Our PC, Mac and Laptop Repairs:

  • We repair desktops, laptops and Macs
  • All macOS and Windows versions
  • Repair broken laptop screens
  • Faulty keyboard and touchpad repair
  • Laptop charging port repairs
  • Motherboard repair
  • Graphics cards, sound cards
  • Networking, Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Hard drive replacement/ upgrade
  • Data recovery
  • Software issues
  • Virus removal and security updates
  • Operating system updates and upgrades
PC, Mac and Laptop Repairs Donegal, Motherboard repairs, Micro Soldering - Donegal Tech Repairs

Car Airbag Crash Repairs

Your car’s airbag is a crucial component to keeping you safe on the roads. So long as your airbag’s electronic control unit (ECU) was not damaged in a crash, then it should be able to be reset and reprogrammed, ready to continue protecting you and your passengers.

We thoroughly diagnose, repair, reset and then test your airbag ECU before sending it back to you.

How It Works

Contact us with the make, model and part number of your airbag ECU and we’ll quote you a price. You can then put it in the post to us (or drop in if you’re nearby) and we’ll carry out all of the repairs and reset your ECU. We’ll then post it back to you ready to be used again. It usually take one or two days to complete.

Airbag Crash Repair, Car Airbag ECU Reset and Repairs - Donegal Tech Repairs

Donegal Tech Repairs – PC, Console & Phone Repairs

We are based in Clonmany in North East Donegal. A limited pickup and delivery service in our own locality is available (contact us for more information) and regularly have clients from Derry, Tyrone and Sligo travel up to us to fix their devices for them.

We do provide an all Ireland postal repair service. Contact us beforehand, but you can post your item from anywhere in Ireland to us and we’ll be happy to repair it and post it back to you. Additional postage and packaging costs may apply.

Contact Donegal Tech Repairs

Gortoran, Clonmany, County Donegal

Eircode: F93 TP49

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3 thoughts on “Donegal Tech Repairs”

  • Was having issues with the Blu Ray drive on my PS5 which Martin was able to resolve very quickly and cheaply (thankfully!). Would highly recommend.

  • HDMI port on my PS4 was quickly repaired. It had gotten yanked around and was flickering on and off all the time, but it’s good as new now. Very reasonably priced. Thanks Martin.

  • Martin fixed the charging port on my iPhone 12. My son had damaged it playing games while it was charging and yanking it all over the place. Very good service, really quick repair and a reasonable price! Will definitely return if in need (but hope not). Highly recommended!

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