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Local and Small Business Web Solutions

Picking up the phone book is no longer the first option when people are looking for a local business or service provider. More than 80% of smartphone users carry out local business and shopping research on their phone. Our goal is to provide a cost effective small business web solution to Irish companies, so they feature prominently in that research.

Unfortunately, there is a poor understanding of how to develop an effective online presence in Ireland. Many businesses spend small fortunes on websites lacking quality content and that have not been optimised for search. It is very difficult for a poorly delivered website to provide a viable return on investment. At LSB Marketing we do things a little differently. Our focus is on getting meaningful results for as little an outlay as possible.

LSB Marketing takes a three pronged approach to promoting Irish businesses online. We believe this is the most effective way to establish a meaningful internet presence for as little an outlay as possible.


Dedicated Promotional Business Web Pages

LSB Marketing develops and hosts dedicated and optimised small business web pages, helping to showcase your business to potential customers. Many small and local Irish businesses turn away from having a meaningful web presence due to the design costs associated with having a dedicated website developed.

Small Business Promotion Web Page Irelad

With this in mind, LSB Marketing provides promotional business web pages, hosted on our site, that are specifically optimised for your business and the area that you operate in.

With more people using the internet via their phone or tablet, it is vital that your online presence accommodates them. In fact, more than 60% of the visitors to our website are using either their phone or tablet. In light of this fact, all of our promotion web pages are fully responsive. This means that they automatically change their appearance to suit the device used to view them. Inconveniencing your prospective customers by making your webpage difficult to navigate is the last thing you want to do when courting their business. This can also have the result of gaining a boost in Google and Bing search rankings, as they also consider responsiveness to be an important factor of a website.

Many of our clients do not have a website, but use their LSB Marketing promotion web page instead. This provides all their relevant information to their customers while also having excellent ranking factors to appear positively in search results.

Register with Google My Business

Register Google My Business Ireland

As consumers rely more heavily on Google to help them find local solutions, registering your business with Google is a must. Google My Business is an easy to use platform for businesses to get their information in front of customers.

The main benefits are that it is a free service and provides a prime piece of search real estate. It is the easiest small business web solution to get your details to the top of page one of Google. When a search is made that Google deems to be of local intent, they prominently display a group of up to three businesses (often referred to as the Local Business Pack) that can meet that searcher’s requirements.

So, if you are in Galway and a pipe bursts on you all of a sudden, a search of “Emergency plumber Galway” might return something along the lines of this –

local business search results Ireland

This Local Business Pack occupies a highly visible space towards the top of the first page of Google’s results. Usually only paid for advertisements appear above it. Having your profile in the Local Pack for searches relevant to your business can provide you with potential new revenue. Searchers will be more likely to find your details right when they are looking for your products or services. Remember that you do not have to pay for this privilege.

A Google My Business listing that is complete and optimised has a better chance of appearing in this grouping. This is particularly true in Ireland where businesses can be slow to embrace technology, meaning competition can be light. Even in competitive areas there are means to boost your rankings above your competitors.

Online Business Directory Submissions

Online business directories serve a number of useful roles in promoting small and local businesses in Ireland. However, their usefulness is not in the same way that their paper equivalents used to be. Some people search directly on websites like the Golden Pages or Yelp, especially if they have their app installed. Typically though, the benefits are derived from these listings showing up in search results on Google or Bing.

Online Business Directories Ireland

In fact, it is not uncommon for businesses to appear three or four times on page one of search results. This is thanks to our three pronged strategy providing multiple listings that rank positively in search results. The effect is to both reinforce your value to searchers and to bump prospective competitors off of the first page.

The other great advantage of online directories is the citation they provide for your business. These are references to your core business data such as your business name, address and phone number. When deciding on your business’ search relevance, one factor Google and Bing rely on is your business’ citations. As search engines detect references to these important pieces of data, your business’ listings can gain a rankings boost.

LSB Marketing’s Local and Small Business Web Package

LSB Marketing provides the above three pronged online marketing strategy to Irish businesses, starting from as little as €180. Much of the work we do does not require any additional investment year on year. This includes registering your business with Google and the online business directories. Only your LSB Marketing promotion web page requires renewal (at €99 per year). In addition to the above, we also provide our clients with quarterly performance reporting. This provides insights on your Google listing and promotion page, allowing you to measure their effectiveness.

Get in touch with us today to gain a meaningful small business web presence.